Dreams and Giftings––Walk In Them


Hey gals!! Today I have something that was put on my #heart to share, so I’m going to say it because well…I don’t have any content to post so yeah….

SMEEZ IF YOU PLEAZ  now how did that get there?


Most of us can remember the very first “career” we chose. You’re probably like HUH?


Well, let me tell you what I mean….

When I was five years old, everybody always asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. And of course, being the smart, impressive, #futurevaledictorian that I am (er, am trying to be), I naturally spat out something like doctor. When I turned 8, it changed from just “doctor” to “pediatric oncologist.” Nobody hears that every day. When I turned ten, I was getting into all these different activities, so I went from “pediatric oncologist,” which would be a very full schedule, to “anesthesiologist.” My motto was “Gas’N’Go” XD

Well anyway, enough about me. That was just a little #snippet of my #amazinglife.

We all have secret ambitions. Sometimes we’re eager to #spillthebeans and share them with the world. Other times we hide our special talents and giftings, assuming nobody will want to listen to us. I’m here to tell you that is #sonottrue. #doyouhearme?

I want to let you know that your gifts are special, and that you need to walk in them. Maybe you’re a dancer, and you totally rock the stage and when the spotlight is on you, everybody better clear the way. Maybe you’re into writing (so me) or signing (also me) or playing an instrument (me…..most of the time). Maybe you got into NaNoWriMo (I just found out about that, can you believe it?) or maybe you missed it this year. So did I. Nothing to beat yourself up about. #you’llgetoverit

But what if you’re a little like me and you’re into everything? This and that, running around from sport to sport or rehearsal to rehearsal or lesson to lesson. And then, after all that’s done, you plop down at home and try to scratch something up for your newest writing project or blog post. #frantic

You may or may not have sat down to really identify what you’re gifting are. Are you playing lacrosse because it’s your God-given talent? Or are you doing it to impress your BFF and hang out with her for just another hour of the day? I mean, you see each other in school (I hang with my friends in school) so….you can drop the extra stuff.

Or maybe you just are doing stuff ’cause you like it #IlikeitsoIdoit #wrongphilosophy #sorry. I do a lot of things I enjoy too. But recently I was thinking about it more seriously. I want to be on my church’s worship team, play two instruments and sing, dance, act in theater, write novels, blog, and hopefully be an Instagrammer *fingerscrossed* Plus, I have my own business! And I’m in the 8th grade which is #nojoke. I’m super busy, have TONS of homework, and I want to do all that? NEVER O_O

So anyway, I end this post to say, look at all the stuff you’re doing and evaluate you. What are you doing to move closer to your gifting? What are you doing to hinder you from it? What steps can you take closer (or farther) away from whatever (or wherever) you need to?

Walk in the dreams and giftings God has given you my friends! Don’t let excess stuff hold you back! Really look at your life and say “What should I be focusing on in order to achieve XYZ?” Maybe its time to cut off some extra cream!

(Ok…for those of who didn’t get that joke, my dad used a knife to cut whipped cream off my cream-filled cronuts once….it was SO funny but I kinda wanted all the cream and he threw the excess away WAHHH)

dats signoff



12 thoughts on “Dreams and Giftings––Walk In Them

  1. Great post, Zella!! Very well said!!
    My dream is to be a stay at home mom and wife 🙂 I know that a lot of people think that, that job is dumb…but I’m not gonna let that stop me unless that is not God’s will 😉
    Have a great rest of your week!! ❤

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    • That isn’t dumb in the least! I want to be a stay at home mom and wife too! I once told my grandma that when she asked what I want to be when I grow up, and she said, “That’s ALL?!” but that’s not a very Godly way to approach a woman’s job as both a wife and mother- its a big, important job and that’s so cool that God has laid that on your heart.
      Along with being a wife and mother, I’d like to be an author and barrel-racer because horses and writing are my passions, along with singing. Who knows; maybe I’ll marry a man with horses who also likes to sing. 😉
      God Bless!
      ~Kendra Lynne || https://singinginthesaddle.wordpress.com

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  2. This was very motivational! I totally agree with what you were saying! I want to do a sport, be in show choir, be a good student, and run a successful blog at the same time! But sometimes, you just have to go with the flow, you know? 🙂

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  3. Ahhh such truth, Zella!! And LOL YOU ARE SO HILARIOUS. “Maybe its time to cut off some extra cream!

    (Ok…for those of who didn’t get that joke, my dad used a knife to cut whipped cream off my cream-filled cronuts once….it was SO funny but I kinda wanted all the cream and he threw the excess away WAHHH)”

    THAT MADE MA LAUGH SO HARD. XDD I love your amazing posts!!


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