Positive Playlist June

Heya follower peeps!

So, I wasn’t very active last month, mainly because of the dreaded final exams at school. I had five of them and I was very busy with studying and preparing. I did pretty well on some and totally hated others, but all around it was a good end of the year and I’m really just glad to end it all. When do you/did you end school?


In honor of this being the first month of blessed summer break (HALLELUJAH!) I will be doing a little special something for this June edition. I will be featuring a couple lines from the selected songs for you to preview, with emojis! Whoa! 😱

Lately I’ve been listening to an artist by the name of Grace Vanderwaal. She’s not a Christian artist, so she may not resonate with those who believe in listening explicitly to Christian music, but I really like her a lot because she is herself. She doesn’t care what others think, and she never really wanted to do this for others either. She’s just a kid who loves to sing and play her self-purchased ukulele. Just so happens that she won America’s Got Talent and has released 1 EP, 1 full-length album, and 1 Single. 😏

Well, here’s the May list!

♪ Reckless Love by Cory Asbury

O the overwhelming, never ending, reckless ❤️ of God

O it 🏃🏾 me down 🗡 till I’m found leaves the 9️⃣9️⃣ 


♪ Witness by Jordan Feliz

Your ❤️ is like a

It’ll never run 🏜, it’ll never run 🏜

Your ❤️ is moving 🗻 

Every day of my life, every day of my life

Can I get a witness?


♪ Moonlight by Grace Vanderwaal

Remember last year when you told me

To always stay here and never leave you

The 💡 from your 👀 makes me feel like

We-e-e-e were 💃🏾 in the🌛💡


♪ Clearly by Grace Vanderwaal

All the ⚠️⛔️ I once ignored

In my denial

I didn’t wanna 😀 them

I can clearly now the 🌤 has come

It’s gonna be a 💥 , 💥 ☀️-y day


♪ So Much More Than This by Grace Vanderwaal

Tap your 👣 and 👂🏾 in

Ignore the 🌎 let the ♫♬ cave in

Close your 📱 and 🌬 in the 🌫

You’ll soon realize that there’s some thing that is


That’s basically it you guys. I don’t listen to that much music anymore. Finals.

dats signoff


7 thoughts on “Positive Playlist June

  1. I absolutely love these songs, and I actually JUST choreographed a dance to Reckless Love that was performed a few nights ago! I also really loved the creativity with the emojis… 🙂
    Enjoy your summer!

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