Young Living Convention In Utah: My Vacay

Hello everyone!

So, this week my family and I went on vacation to the state of Utah, which is two timezones and a lot of time on the plane away from where we live. We were there for the Young Living Grand International Convention, and stayed from Monday until Friday. (Most of Monday was spent on the plane, though.) If you remember my post from the beginning of the month, I referenced Young Living products A LOT. Like I said in that post, Young Living products are a staple in our home, and being able to go to the annual convention and meet other crazy oily people is an experience my family tries not to miss…ever.


So this is the crazy account of a teenage YouTube addict’s adventures in a desert/ski slope. (Utah changes depending on the season.) Click the read more button and follow along!


Our flight was scheduled to leave the airport at 6 a.m., so we had to get up at 2 a.m. to catch the flight. The airport we were flying out of was not our local airport (we kinda live in the middle of nowhere) hence the long drive.

When we arrived at the airport at about 5 a.m., it was packed. Apparently people love to travel at 5 a.m.! The lines stretched from Kansas to Arizona, we didn’t have time for breakfast, and our plane didn’t work. As in the plane engine stopped working and we had to get new flights. 😩

Photo on 6-11-18 at 5.37 AM.jpg

We waited in the broken plane for maybe thirty, forty-five minutes, hoping the pilot would clear us for takeoff. As you can see in the picture above, I’m practically dead. The pilot and flight attendants got us all off the plane and we had to schedule new flights. Some people were quite unfortunate and had to catch their original flights the next day, but we were able to get a flight the same day. We got a flight to Chicago, then waited in the airport all day, then connected to Salt Lake City, Utah. They even split our family up because there was no room for us on the plane…and we’re only five people. I dunno…Monday was a tough day.  I didn’t even get my customary “au bon pain” airport breakfast. I live for au bon pain.

But I did get hot chocolate on the Chicago flight! (And every flight after that.)

Photo on 6-11-18 at 10.08 AM.jpg
Airplane cocoa is surprisingly good. 😄

By the time we boarded flight #3 on our epic quest to make it to Utah ALIVE, I was way chipper. I even took a picture for…ahh wait, I can’t spoil my epic post surprise! Yeah lemme just say y’all are gonna love it. No joke.

Finally we made it to Utah. We reserved or rented, I’m not sure what word to use, an airbnb house. My sister and I slept here for the week. It was cozy, not lying. I really like my sister’s bed better, but…she chose it so I’m stuck on top.

Photo on 6-12-18 at 1.25 AM.jpg

Tired, exhausted, and tuckered-out (these are all the same adjectives), we crashed in the hotel “house” for the night, hoping Tuesday would bring more excitement. It did!


Our plan for Tuesday was to go to the Young Living corporate office, and then to go an oily fair and meet different vendors. Lots of people who are crafty or creative often put their love for oils and their knack for creating awesomeness together and it’s really cool to see.

Before heading to the office, we got breakfast at Kneader’s. If you live in anyplace like Texas, Kansas, or obviously Utah, you have GOT to try a sandwich at one of these places! I got a grilled cheese and they NAILED it! It’s better than a Panera Bread could ever be. Lucky South-westerners 😩.

This is the Young Living corporate office. 


I’ve never been to an office building before, except my dad’s. I’m actually surprised Young Living lets people randomly waltz into their office, but they’re a really transparent company, so…let’s go in!


Okay, so the office does not look ANYTHING like my dad’s office! It looks formal, of course, but it’s like a giant “Young Living Museum.” They have products and pictures and free Ningxia everywhere. We even got to order products from the office and pick it up right there! It was so amazing. I know you wanna see some pics…


They let us smell all the oils that exist!
Me smelling Geranium! 🌸🌸🌸 Courtesy of my crazy lil bro.
They have a large cabinet full of product sets. We couldn’t open them, though.

After going to the Corporate office, we went to AromaShare. AromaShare is a large exhibitor fair full of Young Living members who make other Young Living-related products. That means jewelry, books, videos, cookbooks, and even an oily board game!

Bracelet from Put On Love Designs
I dunno where my sister’s hat is from…only that it’s really cool
So many people….
I cannot wait to try playing this oily board game!
So many things….

Following our two hours at AromaShare, we went to get registered for the event. To our surprise and my dismay, the line to register procured a wait of maybe three hours. (Somebody had been waiting that long!) So we went to register my siblings for Kids Camp in a different, SIGNIFICANTLY SMALLER line, and we decided to come back on Wednesday to register as adults.

Can anybody read those languages? 😂

Kids Camp is like a full-on daycare for kids of the registrars of Convention. While adults (and some teens) are listening to the Young Living greats, trying new products, learning about essential oil science, and having recognition parties, the kids are being fed and entertained. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to obtain a Camp ticket, so I’m hanging with my Mom and Dad.

My siblings got such amazing swag from Kids Camp. (They get way better stuff than the adults, as I later found out.)


After picking up the kids’s swag, we went home to get dressed up for a fun party at a museum. A friend of my mom’s was throwing a gathering party for her team and since Mom is in her team, we went. While Mom was chatting with the other oily ladies, we went sightseeing in the museum!

Flight simulator, early test plane, and a slide. It was a great night.


On Wednesday we had the opportunity to go to the Young Living lavender farm in Mona Utah. Before then, as I said above, my parents and I snagged our swag and got our registration tags. Much to our dismay, we didn’t get much swag in our bags, but we found some Young Living corporate employees and they got us some freebies such as mouthwash, chapstick, stickers, and Ningxia Nitro (a Young Living energy drink).


We didn’t actually make it to the real farm 🌾, per say, but we did see a lot of horses and horse shows. Here are just a few of my favorite massive but adorable animals ❤️❤️❤️🐴🐴🐴🐎🐎🐎

D. Gary Young, the founder of Young Living, and his two sons, Jacob and Josef, love jousting and horses, so they put on a display for us at Convention farm every year. Only this time *sniff* D. Gary Young wasn’t there to see or participate in it. He died about a month ago *cries* and it’s broken all our hearts. It was very hard for them to parade Gary’s horse around the track and very hard for us to watch. I got footage 👇🏾.

After the whole “Gary died let’s honor him” thing, we became a little bit happier when Young Living’s show horses were brought out. Young Living’s horses are the most beautiful horses I’ve ever seen. I got to stand next to one and touch it.

Hi horseyyyy 🐎🐎🐎

I know you want to see Young Living’s show horses in action, as well as the D. Gary Young tribute, so, I captured footage. Do y’all know how hard it was to hold my dang phone in that Utahn heat? (Also I was crying so there.) You better thank me in the comments.

(Just kidding 😂)

Jacob Young (D. Gary Young’s oldest son) gave us a lovely display of his jousting skills after the horse show. I recorded it for you.

The air was hot and so were we, so we stopped at the Wolfberry Creek Cafe for some ice-cream––infused with Peppermint essential oil! 🌱🌱🌱



Thursday was the day when we ACTUALLY did some convention-ing. You know, listening to speakers and learning oil science. As you saw in the farm footage above, our founder D. Gary Young passed away not a month ago and we were able to honor and pay tribute to him during the first couple hours of the convention. An oil, called Journey On™, was released in his honor. 😢😢😢

Also my Mom got to walk across the stage with the Young Living Gold leaders because she is one…I’m so crazy proud. 😘


I was able to capture dang amazing footage of the newly released convention products, and I think some of the things released may just make you excited! If you’re not a Young Living member but you think you might like this stuff, my mom has information on her website, and frankly, so does the internet! (But I’m a little biased ya know 😌)

For all my acne suffering teens, Young Living has and just released a plethora of face products for us. Watch the video below to get a way better explanation than I could ever provide you.

Did you know that vegan, cruelty-free, natural, plant-based makeup exists out there? Young Living talks about the new and existing products in their all natural Savvy Minerals makeup line.

It’s gonna be a good time in sunshine with Young Living’s brand new sunscreen! (Spoiler alert there’s an acne buster product at the enddddd!)

After General Session, which was the morning session, we got lunch and headed to some workshops. I learned some valuable information concerning growing a business on social media (specifically a Young Living business, but the tips apply to any industry). I have not yet turned the tips into a printable graphic that you can use to your potential, but I will share a tip now.

5. prioritize creative time

  • Schedule time to be creative and find new ways to connect with others on social media
  • Create a quiet space for yourself to think

I also learned more about the newly released skin care saviors that I took videos of up above 👆🏾. I am stoked to try ’em out.


Friday was not the last day of convention, but it was our last day. As in we left. We went to the morning session, which was just as packed as Thursday’s, and my siblings went to Camp. Then we convened at lunch time, picked up some products from the Convention shopping expo, and headed to the airport.

Do I really need to photograph myself in the airplane again? I think not. Of course I got more cocoa.

Photo on 6-11-18 at 10.08 AM
You remember me. I’m the generic airplane cocoa photo.

I hope you enjoyed reading about our exciting travels to Utah. Please comment below about an exciting vacation your family is going on, and if you might like some of these new products.

dats signoff



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  1. That looks like tons of fun! I don’t know what Utah heat is like, but the Arizona heat is EXTREME. I’ve been before, it was like 130 degrees. I’m going on a trip tomorrow, I’ll post about it and I’m posting about packing today!

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