New Stuff: What’s Changing On The Blog?

Hey guys!

I’m sure you’ve both seen and heard that this month’s theme is “Change.” I’m going to be talking about some of the changes that will be floating around this blog, and some of the personal changes that have arisen in my own life. I suppose it might’ve been better to talk about the personal changes first, but I’m not that brave yet. 😛

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Positive Playlist August

Hello lovelies!

I’m super excited to bring you this summer’s final positive playlist post. Oh no, don’t get scared––I’ll still be doing these. Just summer is over and I’m feeling supes morbiddddd.

To wrap up the summer, I’ll be presenting you some of my favorite songs from last month. Some of these I just discovered, but I love them so much. Please enjoy this list––with emojis once again!

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July Overview + August Happenings

Hey hey hey folloowers! (Is that a real word?! I have no idea.)

I have been doing a lot in July, and to be honest, it hasn’t been anything to do with writing or NaNo-ing. I discovered Hamilton, cracked up every time Jamie Grace twitched on YouTube, created my own sketch show and read all eight installments of the Dance Class series, a comic book collection staring a community of high school girls navigating family, homework, crushes, and of course––dance.

Not a lot of writing. But it was still an exciting month!

In addition to being an exciting, July was also pretty darn crazy. I have a lot on my mind, a lot in my heart, and a lot in my life right now. I can’t begin to explain it right now, also I might still not be allowed to….😬 More on that later.

Well, I don’t want to draw this post out anymore than I need to. Let us begin harking and hailing to the mighty month of July!

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Lack of Inspiration

We interrupt your probably enjoyable NaNoWriMo with this announcement.

It has come to our attention that a certain sickness, disease, or even fatal condition, if not recognized, has begun to plague the astute writing community. Young or inexperienced writers are particularly susceptible to this illness. It has, apparently and unfortunately, been plaguing the writing community since people wrote fiction. Or nonfiction. Or school papers. I bet you can guess what it is by now.

Or not. I don’t blame you.


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Getting To Know Your Characters

For me, I work best when I know my characters up close and personal. Real personal.

I dunno why you’re here Moana. Get out.

I’ve been trying out several different ways to get to know my characters, and I’m gonna share them with you today. So grab a cup o’ joe, pull up a chair, and take some notes. You won’t regret these fun, character-enhancing, all-around exciting tips.

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Positive Playlist July

Hello bloggers, authors and regulars alike! To kick off the month of July and get you in the spirit of…well…anything, I’ll be sharing with you this month’s fun favorites in terms of tunes. So click that button and read more to find out what I’m listening to this month! And just like in June, I’ll be sharing some song lyrics with you guys––complete with emojis! (Maybe I’ll do this every month 💭)

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Shop This Summer Style

I don’t know about you, but I’m super excited for warm weather and sunny days ahead! Whether you live in a freezer ❄️ or a sauna 🔥, I’m sure we all look forward to some summer styles!

Everybody has different tastes, which I totes appreciate, but I love to give my followers some fun summer ideas to kick off the summer! Since this month’s theme is Fashion and Fun, what better way to kick off the summer than with loads of ideas on how to maximize your extra free time?

Click the read more button to see and shop my summer styles! I even got my little sister to photoshoot with me in some of these styles, which was a huge blessing and lotsa fun. I love my sister 💕.

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Young Living Convention In Utah: My Vacay

Hello everyone!

So, this week my family and I went on vacation to the state of Utah, which is two timezones and a lot of time on the plane away from where we live. We were there for the Young Living Grand International Convention, and stayed from Monday until Friday. (Most of Monday was spent on the plane, though.) If you remember my post from the beginning of the month, I referenced Young Living products A LOT. Like I said in that post, Young Living products are a staple in our home, and being able to go to the annual convention and meet other crazy oily people is an experience my family tries not to miss…ever.


So this is the crazy account of a teenage YouTube addict’s adventures in a desert/ski slope. (Utah changes depending on the season.) Click the read more button and follow along!

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