Star Wars Day

Happy Star Wars Day everyone!

In lieu of Positive Playlist (don’t worry, it’ll be here next week), I bring you a fun-filled day of Star Wars-y kind of things!


Also, I bring you comical Star Wars parodies done by my favorite YouTube comedy act: Studio C!

I also invite you to link your Star Wars celebrating posts down below in the comments!

Enjoy your special day Star Wars fans! You deserve it!





April Overview + May Happenings

Hi ho hi ho followers! Welcome to Blog Overview + Month Happening TV! I am your host––Zella T! 

We start off the show around these parts by celebrating our stats! I am no statistician, but these stats here show that we had a darn good month! Click the read more button to…well…read more! Haha!

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A Few Quick Things 🙃

Sorry for the awful title 🙁, but this post is meant to be short and sweet 🍰.

Firstly, I’d like to thank Gracie Marchiani for recommending my blog to all her followers on Tuesday! I think I grew by like 15 followers, so thank you sooooo much! If you are reading one of my posts for the first time––WELCOME! We are a community here at Dancing Among the Stars, and I’m excited for you to be a part!

To all my new and existing followers, I’m in a bit of a pickle 💚. I have no inspiration! My head currently resembles the blank board I chose for my header photo! I don’t know what to blog/write about! So…

Y’all can help me by telling me IN ZE COMMENTS BELOOO what you’d like to see from me? Is there a fun or serious topic you’d like me to tackle? A photo story you’d like to hear? A snippet you’d like to see me post? Lemme know lemme know lemme know!

Let me knoooow how far I’ll gooooo

So, as I said before, drop forth comments and requests. And y’all know I’ll be getting that Q&A out to you soon, so if you’re new and have questions, ask away!

*I prefer you ask your Q&A questions on the Q&A post, keep things organized for me*

Welllll without further adoooo

dats signoff

March Overview + April Happenings + Stuff 😔

What’s up fam!

I realize it is April 2nd and I have only posted about twice all month, and I want to let you know that sadly, this is the new normal. School is in the final home stretch, and the homework load has about doubled. Also, we are dealing with some transitions in our family that require us to spend time together in prayer and conversation. Thirdly, I am going to brick-and-mortar school for the remainder of my education starting in the fall, which means I really can’t post a lot. And last but not least, I have a novel to finish. Before July. So….yeah. (You might want to click the Read More button because honestly the post just gets sadder….😭)

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Happy Easter!

Good morning everyone!

Happy Sunday, and Happy Easter! I hope you’ve gone on enough easter egg hunts and have seen enough bunnies at your friendly neighborhood mall to make you bun-nanas. Maybe you haven’t heard the real reason why I celebrate Easter. Maybe you’re not totally in on the story. That’s okay!

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100 Followers + April Fools + 6th Month Blogiversary

I literally have not posted in like ten days, and this post is very much impromptu. You may judge its cringy-ness silently.

Guys, I’m not here to brag or anything, but April is my 6th month blogiversary––yay!––and I apparently have 100 followers, counting my email followers, so that’s another yay! moment.

To celebrate, I’m going to host a Q&A Vlog, answering questions from the fans––er, followers. To participate, you’ll need to follow some rules. I know, I know, everyone hates them, but I like to keep things orderly and I don’t want to get overwhelmed, so failure to comply means your questions don’t get answered, and noooobody wants that!


  • The maximum number of questions you can ask is seven, and the minimum is two. I wouldn’t like to waste my time recording videos in which ten people ask ONE question, and I also wouldn’t like to waste my time answering ten questions from ten people. I don’t have large amounts of free time, and the reason I’m drafting this post right now is because I’m on Spring Break. Cue the bunnies 🐇, flowers🌷, and candy 🍬.
  • Please ask appropriate questions. If they are too personal (like “where do you live?” or “what is your most embarrassing moment?”) then I reserve the right to skip your question. *All the people with the second question in mind x out of my screen*
  • If you have a pen name you’d like to be called by that is not your screen name, let me know. Some folks have their website name as their screen name, so I would call them “The Blogger @”. If you don’t want that sort of mix-up, let me know!
  • I hope I pronounce everyone’s name right. If you have had people trip your name up before, include a “pronunciation guide” as best you can over comment, so I don’t mess up your name and embarrass you! (Or me.)
  • You will need to submit all the questions you have by April 6th. After that, I will save all the questions to a word document, answer them in type, and then set up a time to record!

I will link the video (which will be shared through Vimeo) some time before the end of May. I know that seems kind of cuckoo, but like I said above, I have little free time to spend recording Q&As. I’m still going to attempt to do it, because I HAVE 100 FREAKING FOLLOWERS AND I’VE BEEN BLOGGING FOR 6 MONTHS AND IT’S ALMOST APRIL FOOLS SO WHY NOT RIGHT?

excuse me *cough*

I believe that is it. Please comment your questions below and let’s get this celebration started!

dats signoff

P.S. Let me know if you want me to include a bloopers and outtakes section! It will make the video longer but it will make it so much fun!

My Honest Review of The Greatest Showman

Hey you guys!

It is Tuesday afternoon and I am STILL basking in just awe. I saw The Greatest Showman Saturday night, and I LOVED it. If you haven’t seen it yet, this review may contain spoilers. If you have, you can stay or go, I don’t care.

~this review is from a non-denominational Christian perspective. if you don’t uphold and/or respect that view, go watch a soap opera~

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